Having helped many men and women during my 30 years of experience, I am honored that people come to share and trust me with their personal stories. Each person's life unfolds in a unique way, and so no two stories are the same. As I learn more about you and your story, I understand how and why you struggle today, and I can help you.


Good Therapy

I believe that good therapy should accomplish three things. First, therapy should help to ease your emotional burdens and provide some relief from feeling alone. Second, good therapy should teach you how and why you are vulnerable to the challenges of life. And third, therapy should help you become more aware of your personal psychological landscape, thereby allowing you to achieve more fulfilling relationships and a more satisfying life.  

People who receive good therapy are better able to put their lives back on the right track. And people who receive good therapy develop a greater understanding and mastery over their emotions. One of the most gratifying aspects of good therapy is watching how people gradually become more confident about their future. And with greater control over your life and increased confidence about the future, you are better able to live your life with satisfaction, optimism, and love.  

Relationship Specialist

As a relationship specialist, I've helped people of all ages and at all stages of a relationship single, married, divorced, friends, lovers, and the "I don't know what I am." I will help you improve whatever relationship has caused you difficulty, including the one you have with yourself.

I consider myself to be a very lucky man to have found a profession that gives me such feelings of satisfaction and meaning, and the knowledge that, in addition to being very good at what I do, I help a lot of very nice people.  

As much as I enjoy and take my work seriously, I also include a bit of humor in my approach to working with others, as I believe it is essential for surviving and thriving in today's world. 

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